Celebrating 75 Years


Here at The Hignell Companies we're getting ready to celebrate our 75th anniversary!  Started back in 1948 by Fred Hignell Jr. and Floyd Strange, 2023 will mark three quarters of a century for Hignell serving the North State in all things property related.


Some things have changed over the years as the company has moved into new areas of opportunity, faces have come and gone, and we have navigated the ups and downs of the last 75 years of business!

But some things have stayed the same. The deep commitment of service and caring for people that were the foundation of the company is still the commitment we hold today. We are in the business of Creating Caring Communities whether we are building, managing the real estate assets of our clients, helping HOA boards, or working with residents who trust us to take care of them and their homes.

As we head into 2023, we are excited to announce that we are launching a new logo for the Hignell brand. There was a significant amount of time and thought that went into the design of the new logo and we’re excited to share some of the insight into the process.


Amidst the mission of Creating Caring Communities, our logo development team identified three values that informed the design process. These are values that the Hignell brand has embodied historically and will continue to strive towards in the future. Those three values are:


To create an internal caring community through attitudes and actions, where employees flourish. Encouraging, honoring one another, generosity.


To provide excellent quality property management and services to enhance the individuals and communities we serve. Integrity, Quality, Spirit Led.


Growth and innovation are values that have led Hignell to be one of the first companies to create an online portal, to diversify its offerings and to put an emphasis on vibrant communities long before it was expected. Creative, Strategic, Futurist.

screenshot of 3 values and icons - hignell rebrand

We wanted to create something that would stand out well in the market space, while retaining the legacy that we have as a 75 year old company. The new logo is designed to capture these three values in a well thought out way. Below are these elements that have been woven carefully into our new logo:


The Hignell brand has always been about communities. Community provides refuge and protection. It is not just where we live but who we do life with.

Our work is quality and this is reflected in the architectural precision of the logo design which is built from equal triangles on an isometric grid.

Anatomy of our Logo

We wanted the logo to stand out from others and over time to be recognizable in the North State. The unique “H” is innovative and gives us a lot of room for ongoing innovation.


The color scheme includes 3 color swatches representing key elements of our brand and story:

Butte County Sunset: warmth, enjoyment, vitality 

Pomegranate: strength, endurance, abundance, heritage

Night Sky: professionalism, importance, security

screenshot of color scheme - hignell rebrand

We hope you appreciate the process! 

We’re super excited about this new look moving forward.

We look forward to seeing you in 2023 as we celebrate our 75th year!